Saturday, February 12, 2011

Personal Training vs Personal Baby Sitting. Fat loss, Menu Planning. How The Fit Kit can work for You! Meet Albert the creator @ E.C.M.F

To get the free ebook, go to THE FIT KIT FAN PAGE on facebook. Put your name and email. Then follow the links and a file will download directly to your computer. In the ebook are key concepts. These key concepts deal with why people blame diets or don't follow them. Also how to use THE SCALE only to check your overall weight, not as accurate assessment of your health and body fat%. Every women has fat in the same areas; inner thighs, lower stomach, back of the legs, corners of the chest, bra-line, and back of the arms. To lose those areas takes CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE at a "COSMETIC SPEED." Also a proper menu plan to speed your metabolism and feed your body in this fat loss process! How many women drop 20lbs and look terrible in a bathing suit! They lost mostly muscle. Not inner thigh, lower stomach etc.... Remember when you weigh yourself you are weighing fat, water muscle and undigested food. All of which are under your control. Losing weight in your face, boobs and butt doesn't count as FAT LOSS! Please check out the fan page and read what each book in my system deals with. If you purchase the books (5 work books for $49) included are the Cardio Plans, Weight Training Plans, and how to Construct Your Own Menu Plan. The books are workbooks from 30-80 pages each and are easy to follow.
Remember personal training has turned into "personal baby sitting." learn how to eat, and train for yourself. If you go to my gym web sight you will see the prices for personal training. I charge $900-3000 dollars for the same info I put in the books. DON'T GET RIPPED OFF BY PERSONAL TRAINERS!  The 23hrs at home can be used strategically to lose fat by following your menu plan. I shouldn't tell you this I own a gym. . NUTRITION is the key!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Fit Kit Contact Info, General Info, Description, Overview, Mission Statement

Release Date:
September 2010
General Information:
It's been my passion and "life's work" to provide fitness solutions to motivated people. I always say,"the most beautiful words in Health and Fitness are Routine and Desire! You bring the Desire and I'll provide the Routines."
The Fit Kit is a WORKOUT SYSTEM comprising of 5 Work Books geared toward achieving OPTIMUM HEALTH, ENHANCING A SPORT, or ACHIEVING AN IDEAL BODY.
Company Overview:
In 1988, I became a certified personal trainer and worked in New York and New Jersey as a freelance trainer. Shortly after I enrolled at Jersey City State College where I earned a minor in Sports Management and certification as a Fitness Specialist. In 1991, I became a member of the National Physique Committee and in 2009 was appointed a judge by the NPC. In 1993, I opened East Coast Muscle and Fitness along with my brother George and have over 15,000 members in 17 years.
"Self Improvement through Health & Fitness." To teach people how to become," YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINER, NUTRITIONIST, AND SELF-MOTIVATOR." To teach you not only how to fish but how to learn fish for yourself.
The Fit Kit workout system. Albert also provides Personal Training tailored for 12 week Transformations. Nutrition consultation for HEALTH, SPORT, or ACHIEVING YOUR IDEAL BODY. Contest preparation for BODY BUILDERS and BODY ATHLETES. Coaching self-management, strategic fitness planning and self-motivation. Become a member at EAST COAST MUSCLE and FITNESS GYM in W.N.Y, N.J
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Fit Kit Individual Commitment Book by Albert Gonzalez. Desire, Persistence with a Purpose.

Book 5, Your Individual Commitment, brings it all home by focusing on the things you can control. What you say, what you think, what you feel and what you do. Provided in the fit kit is “The Plan for The Plan”. After constructing your 12-week blueprint (The Plan), there are instructions on how to introduce “The Plan” into your already busy lifestyle. Another key element in Step 4 is Persistence with a Purpose”. The “Purpose” is the reason for executing the plan and the sum of your goals and needs. The “Persistence” is the ability to deal with, overcome and continue to work toward a goal while achieving your wish list as your only possible outcome!

In closing, the most beautiful words in Health and Fitness are “Routine” and “Desire”. When you can understand and apply both, unbelievable life changing results come about!